Report Service

All service contact, by phone or by another method will cause the form below to be filled out. Before you submit this form, you have examined the following points:

- Have you maintained and cleaned product in accordance with the Instruction / manual (filter)?
- Have you checked strainer/filter on water intake, and the hose has fall all the way to the drain hole?
- For thermoelectric wine cabinets, does it stands freely with good clearance to all directions?
- Have you read the Instructions and tried out any measures that Can be done?

Regarding receipt

A copy of the receipt MUST be sent in to us. If you have trouble with this please see examples of solution:
- Ask for an electronic copy of the receipt from the retailer
- Scan a paper receipt for PC
- Take a picture of your receipt with your phone and send it in an email to yourself

NB If you receive an error message (please check the website after sending) when you try two submit the form and need to enter anything again, any files you have uploaded (pictures / receipt) will be reset and must be uploaded again!

General Terms (to be approved later in the form)

Hereby accepted that customers will face a minimum cost of $ 1100 NOK (converted to local currency) + any travel costs for service under warranty / warranty period if the following conditions have been revealed:

- No fault ascertained
- The error comes from improper / illegal installation, improper action, carelessness or not performed maintenance and cleaning
- The product has been used for anything other than it is designed for
- The product has been repaired previously by unauthorized personnel and used unoriginal spareparts.
- Outside warranty / warranty period set by national laws

Contact fields (warranty / transport damage)

All fields marked with a * must be completed

First name of end consumer
Last name of end consumer
Only to be filled in if service is to be done elsewhere than at the invoice adress
Phone number where the customer can be reached during the day
For instance VWCR155DS
Located on a label on the back or inside the product. If you can’t find a serial number leave blank.
If different from above
10MB max filesize In case of visible errors, please attach pictures
10MB max filesize To make a warranty claim a copy of the end consumers receipt MUST be attached

Reporter of error (If other than the owner of the product)